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A Natural Way to Rediscover Yourself

  • Do you have a demanding job? 

  • Feeling restless, tense? 

  • Pushing yourself too hard at the gym? 

  • Feeling low, drained, numb and disconnected from yourself? 

I'm here to offer you a holistic massage treatment that will help your body restore its natural energy flow and free your mind. 

Massage stimulates the autonomic nervous system (ANS) releasing oxytocin; promoting trust, it reduces stress, anxiety, depression, physical and emotional pain as well as increasing the immune functions. Massage can help with jet-lagged effects, better sleep and enhance your athlete performance among its many other therapeutic health benefits.

I combine Deep Tissue Massage, IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation) and Myofascial Release techniques in order to bring relief to acutely tight and sore muscles and Bioenergetics Massage (Neo-Reichian Massage techniques) to assist your nervous system dissolve "holding patterns" in the fascia - unblocking and reducing the stress/emotion/tension stored in your body, promoting self-awareness (Your Here and Now state) meridians alignment and self-regulation. 

Once we meet I'll ask you questions about your emotional, mental and physical state to tailor the massage sessions according to your individual needs.

My treatment room is in trendy Bermondsey Street, just a walk distance from London Bridge Stations, Tower Bridge and The City.



Localised Massage for Neck & Shoulders / Upper and Lower Back / Lower Back & Legs -
ask for IASTM techniques (recommended)



Promoting Muscle Relaxation and Good Night Sleep.

This is a strong hands-on full body treatment - promoting self-awareness, body alignment and relaxation.



Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation

IASTM is a combination of fascial and neuro-muscular release techniques using a range of ergonomically designed instruments to detect and treat soft tissue congestion, pain, injury, and dysfunction to restarts the body's natural process of restoration of the soft tissue in the affected areas. 
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Serge really knows what he's doing! Super professional, super responsive to your massage needs, and great techniques and pressure. Top it all off, the ambiance is perfect - music, massage table, shower facility - can't wait to go back!

Pawel M

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Step back from the rest of the world...

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I’ve trained in Bio-Energetics Massage (Neo-Reichian Massage) based on psychologist Wilhelm Reich's principles to body work and since the 1990's I've developed my own style combining techniques from Bio-Energetics, Trigger Points, Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release in order to assist my clients in their journeys.

I hope we'll meet soon.


ITEC qualified, IASTM Certified and fully insuranced.  



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Bermondsey Street SE1 3UW London, UK

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